Empowering Field Workforce with ZINNOVERSE

Efficiency is one of the most important key factors in manufacturing. Sometimes it is hard to get professional help for unexpected reasons. There might be too many employees to be trained but not enough equipment for effective training. Also, marketing in manufacturing industry is costly and limited. 

Zinnotech defines all of these inefficiency as communication issues. We provide Enterprise Metaverse Solution with rich features to solve inefficiency in manufacturing industry.


In ZINNOVERSE, companies can train their employees effectively, solve on-site issues by overcoming physical limitations, and carry out effective marketing campaigns.



ZINNOVERSE is a space where multiple people can communicate in virtual space. All communication on ZINNOVERSE takes place within ZINNOSPACE. Participants communicate effectively by transcending space and utilizing various communication methods.


Augmented Reality

In ZINNOVERSE, people talk about real-world matters like equipment, problems and training. AR is a core technology that connects reality and virtuality, and that is why we chose AR as a key component of ZINNOVERSE.



Being able to watch and operate 3D model of the equipment in virtual space is useful in many aspects of manufacturing industry like training and maintenance. For this reason, 3D mode of the equipment is a crucial component of ZINNOVERSE. We help users to utilize 3D model in ZINNOVERSE.



A variety of contents is an important factor in maintaining the Metaverse platform. However, it is not an easy task to provide contents consistently in manufacturing industry. We provides AI technology in ZINNOVERSE for easy contents creation. In ZINNOVERSE, communication itself can become content through AI technology.



Remote Assist

  • Video call-based Remote Assist 

  • Precise instruction through AR Markup

  • Chatting, Contents Sharing, File Transferring


Authoring Tool

  • Creating work instructions with multimedia

  • Auto Generating animation with 3D model

  • Multifunctional Authoring Tool with various event and timeline

Job Procedure.gif

Work Instruction

  • Enhancing understanding through 3D/ Multimedia based job procedure

  • Supports individual lookup and multilateral review

  • Supports web, dedicated viewer, wearable devices

z-solution_Bowman 1.gif


  • Supports various media files 

  • user/group access authority management

  • Cloud-based contents management for improved accessibility