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3D Model

Real 3D,

The most intuitive content

Everything in our real lives is made up of 3D.

But until now, most of the 3D contents were stuck in a 2D flat screen. Using mixed reality, you can interact with 3D content in real time. It's real 3D...



The best way to share your idea.

HoloShow™ is unlike anything

you‘ve ever experienced.

360° Experience

Immerse audience in 360° experiences

HoloShow™ creates immersive experiences 

that blend the physical space with the virtual 3D content. HoloLens can detect the physical surroundings. With this technology we can merge the virtual 3D graphics into the real world. We can jump in to the new world while we are standing at the real world.  


Share this 'WOW'

with others.

 Our solution provide Sharing and Spectater view 

to share MR contents in real time. Multiple user can see the same MR content with Sharing. Spectator   view allows others to see on a 2D screen(TV, monitor) what a HoloLens user sees in their world. 

Share your ideas into new reality.

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